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High Temperature Carbide Brazing

Introducing another in-house service! – Apollo-Clad now provides powder welding services for hardfacing. When Tungsten Carbide tiles, bricks  are combined with sprayed spherical tungsten carbide and bonded with a matrix, it provides an excellent wear resistant coating. Large angular crushed Tungsten Carbide in a brass matrix can also be added for enhanced cutting and reaming capabilities.

To learn more, please view our Brazing page or contact us today!


Deep Hole Drilling / Trepanning

New Unisig Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Introducing our newest machine to the Apollo fleet. Unisig B700 Deep Hole Drilling Machine.

We are currently configured to drill up to 8.5″ ID  and to a drill depth of 157″ LG one-way, for a maximum drill depth  of 310″ end-to-end.